Buying a home for most people will be a huge commitment and a great investment. At Absolute Mortgage, you can expect the most suitable mortgage product that is balanced with great rates and good pre-payment privileges.

One of the following products should be able help you obtain your next mortgage.

Alt-A Purchase – This product is for self employed applicants who have been self employed for the past two years and don’t quite fit into a traditional mortgage. You will need at least a 10% down payment from your own resources (non-borrowed).

Borrowed Down Payment – Borrow a down payment from your line-of-credit or a personal loan for the entire down payment. The payment to pay back the loan needs to be calculated into the debt ratio to qualify.

Cash Back Purchase – This product will provide you a percentage of the mortgage amount back at time of funding. This product can be good if you have managed to save only enough for the down payment and would like to have additional funds for something else.

Construction Mortgage – The construction mortgage has rate holds up to one year. This is for clients who have hired a builder to construct their dream home.

HELOC (Line of Credit) – The HELOC is a loan registered on title with a maximum loan-to-value of 65%. The rates are usually at prime and the minimum payments on the amount owing is interest only. This product can be great if you use the money for leveraging another investment.

Homebuyer 95 – This is a Genworth Financial product and it allows you to purchase a home with as little as 5% down. The home must be owner occupied and be your principle residence or can be a second/vacation home. The maximum amortization is 25 years.,/p>

New to Canada Mortgage – If you are new to Canada and wish to buy a home, you can. As little as 5% down is required, you must have relocated to Canada within last 36 months and you must be employed full time for at least three months.

Purchase Plus Improvements – Purchase Plus Improvements is for consumers looking to purchase a home that has great potential but needs additional work done to bring it up to your satisfaction. This product allows you to make the improvements right after you take possession and the costs to renovate to be included in the mortgage.

Stated Income – This product is for people who have a large down payment (usually 20% minimum) and who do not fit into the Alt-A program. You do not need to prove self employed or employed income but will need to have an excellent credit history and prove source of income (which will not be verified).